We’re building
self-driving technology
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Introducing Argo Lidar

High resolution. Long-range sensing. 360-degree awareness.

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What we do.

Argo AI is a self-driving technology platform company. We build the software, hardware, maps, and cloud-support infrastructure that power self-driving vehicles.


Why we do it.

Our purpose is to make getting around cities safe, easy, and enjoyable for all. Learn why.


How we do it.

We are partnering with leading automakers to integrate our technology into their vehicles — so that those vehicles can enable new ride sharing and delivery services that do not require the aid of a human driver.

Our team’s extensive experience in robotics and artificial intelligence complements our partners’ expertise in manufacturing high-quality vehicles at scale.

With a focus on tight integration and attention to detail, safety isn’t an afterthought, it’s designed into our product from Day One.

That’s what sets us apart.

With the support of our partners, Ford and Volkswagen, our self-driving technology will move people and goods around the world.

Every city is unique.

Road infrastructure, laws and regulations, bicycle use, foot traffic, and driving habits are among the variables that make each city unique.

Just as endurance athletes put their bodies to the test by varying their workout routines, we train our self-driving technology in multiple cities so that it doesn’t become overtuned to one environment.

We know that if we can build technology that works in diverse environments, we can boost our positive impact — and hasten the arrival of our technology’s benefits.

Today we’re testing in seven cities so that we can scale faster tomorrow.

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Committed to doing it the right way

Safety is more than a value, it’s our way of working every day.

We don’t subscribe to unrealistic timelines. And we don’t play into industry hype. We’re guided by leaders who have devoted their lives to robotics and who know that the success of self-driving depends on collaboration between automakers, technology providers, governments, and communities.

Meet our team

Our mission is not to replace the personal freedom that driving provides, but rather to build technology to empower mobility products that offer choice.

Bryan Salesky, CEO