Join the Competition: Argoverse Leaderboards Are Live

Earlier this year, we released Argoverse, a curated collection of high-definition maps and sensor data from a fleet of Argo AI self-driving test vehicles. Today, we’re launching the first two Argoverse competitions using our motion forecasting and 3D tracking datasets, and inviting academic researchers and students to participate. 

To support the competitions, we’re opening two evaluation servers to enable participants to benchmark their 3D tracking and motion forecasting methods, and see how their methods stack up against competitors’ submissions. These servers will be open for submissions through December 1, 2019, and the competition will close with a session at the NeurIPS 2019 Workshop on Machine Learning for Autonomous Driving on December 14, 2019.

The first place winning entry for each task will receive a $1,500 cash prize and be invited to intern with Argo in Summer 2020*. Second place winners will receive a cash prize of $500. In addition, we will award $250 as an honorable mention to teams with the most creative entries. 

We released the Argoverse data collection in June 2019 to aid the academic community in making advancements in key perception and forecasting tasks for self-driving technology, and to provide resources to explore the impact of high-definition maps on these tasks (for more on the Argoverse data collection, see our blog). But our commitment to sharing high-quality, curated data and tools with the academic community didn’t end there. Coinciding with these competitions and in response to feedback, we’ve made a few improvements to our datasets, including improvement of stereo calibration and 3D track annotations, and removal of noisy motion forecasting sequences. We refer to these updates as Argoverse 1.1.

The 3D tracking and motion forecasting competitions are the first in a series of Argoverse competitions. As we continue to make additions to our datasets and offer more resources to the academic community, we will launch additional opportunities to compete through tasks that are critical to advancing the ways self-driving vehicles understand the world around them. To stay up to date on those additions and more, sign up for the Argoverse mailing list. 

Learn about new additions and competitions by subscribing to the Argoverse mailing list.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to to get started.

*Please note that only one cash prize/ internship offer will be made to the winning entry in each division, regardless of whether the entry is submitted by an individual or a team. To the extent a winning entry is submitted by a team, the members of such team will be responsible for allocating the cash prize and/or internship. To be eligible to participate in the internship, individuals must be pursuing a full-time degree; be authorized to work in the United States; be able to complete a 10-12 week program beginning in May or June 2020 at one of Argo’s locations; and satisfy other eligibility criteria as determined by Argo, in its sole discretion.

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