Argo AI test vehicle and test manager

A Time to Act: How the Argo Team is Responding to Crisis With Action

Everything we do at Argo AI is about helping people. Those who know me personally know that I am passionate about the company’s purpose to make getting around cities safer for all. Yet, just because Argo’s technology will ultimately benefit society, we can’t sit on the sidelines when our country is in crisis now. Giving […]

Argo vehicle testing in Austin

How Self-Driving Vehicles Benefit Cities Is Up to Us

As the developers of a self-driving system, we think a lot about how our work can be applied to improve lives. Together with our partners, we want to do more than just plug self-driving vehicles into existing transportation models — we want to improve the safety of transportation in cities, and we want to solve […]

Argo test vehicle in city with pedestrians in foreground

The Argo AI Approach to Deploying Self-Driving Technology: Street-by-Street, Block-by-Block

The ‘race’ narrative is often-used when defining the deployment approach of the autonomous vehicle industry. In truth, that depiction hurts the reality of how some of us are actually operating. Self-driving technology is not a winner-take-all sprint to the finish line —  and even if it was, that’s not how Argo is approaching its development […]

Argo employee in front of test vehicle

The Value We Place on Diversity and Inclusion

There are countless studies on the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce, and most focus on the fact that diversity is good for business. We couldn’t agree more, but at Argo it’s more than that. Our technology is being developed to improve the lives of everyone, and our team should reflect that.

Alex Roy

A.I. Gets a New Champion

We are pleased to announce that Alex Roy — Editor-at-Large of The Drive, co-host of /DRIVE on NBC Sports, record-setting endurance driver, and Founder of the Autonocast and the Human Driving Association — will join Argo AI effective January 15th, 2019. You may read his statement here.

Argo test vehicle parked at Carnegie Mellon University

How We’re Working with Universities to Stay on the Cutting Edge of Research

Developing reliable self-driving cars requires pushing the envelope in computer science and artificial intelligence. While we’re applying the latest techniques in computer vision and machine learning to the work we’re doing every day, some of the most advanced research is being done at the university level. That’s why it’s critical to stay connected to the […]


How Acquiring a Team of LiDAR Experts Strengthens our Self-Driving Future

We can’t talk about a future of self-driving cars without mentioning LiDAR technology — and we won’t be able to build that future without it. These sensors are crucial to creating a three-dimensional view of the world that helps autonomous vehicles find where they are on the road and detect other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

Pittsburgh, PA

Hello, Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh has been called many things — The Steel City, City of Champions, City of Bridges, The Capital of Work. A newer name, one we’ve become particularly fond of, is Roboburgh. Yet, no matter what you call it, Pittsburgh has always been an epicenter for innovation, with an incredible workforce possessing the talent, grit and determination to […]

Bryan Salesky and Pete Rander

Why We Created Argo AI

We founded Argo AI to tackle one of the most challenging applications in computer science, robotics and artificial intelligence — self-driving vehicles. While technology exists today to augment the human driver and automate the driving task up to a certain level of capability, replacing the human driver remains an extremely complex challenge. Advances in artificial intelligence, machine […]