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How Acquiring a Team of LiDAR Experts Strengthens our Self-Driving Future

We can’t talk about a future of self-driving cars without mentioning LiDAR technology — and we won’t be able to build that future without it. These sensors are crucial to creating a three-dimensional view of the world that helps autonomous vehicles find where they are on the road and detect other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

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A Decade after DARPA: Our View on the State of the Art in Self-Driving Cars

A decade ago in the California high desert, 11 finalists competed in an unprecedented 60-mile race. Robot cars needed to safely and swiftly complete the mission without any human intervention — while also interacting with human-driven vehicles — in under six hours.

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Hello, Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh has been called many things — The Steel City, City of Champions, City of Bridges, The Capital of Work. A newer name, one we’ve become particularly fond of, is Roboburgh. Yet, no matter what you call it, Pittsburgh has always been an epicenter for innovation, with an incredible workforce possessing the talent, grit and determination to take an idea and turn it into reality.

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Why We Created Argo AI

We founded Argo AI to tackle one of the most challenging applications in computer science, robotics and artificial intelligence — self-driving vehicles. While technology exists today to augment the human driver and automate the driving task up to a certain level of capability, replacing the human driver remains an extremely complex challenge. Advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision are required to solve it. These technologies will eventually lead us to a new generation of the automobile — a vehicle that is connected, intelligent, and able to safely operate itself alone or as part of a shared fleet. The potential of these shared fleets of self-driving vehicles will be one of the most transformative advancements in this century.

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