Introducing Argoverse: data and HD maps for computer vision and machine learning research to advance self-driving technology

In today’s world of computer vision and machine learning research, it’s all about who has access to high-quality data — and how much of it. That’s because it takes a tremendous amount of data to train, validate, test and improve the perception algorithms and machine learning methods that enable self-driving vehicles to understand the world around them.

So today, Argo AI is excited to announce that we’re releasing high-quality, curated data and high-definition maps to the research community. Our data collection, Argoverse™, is the first public data release to include high-definition maps for self-driving vehicle research. Through Argoverse, academic researchers can explore the impact of HD maps on key perception and forecasting tasks, such as identifying and tracking objects on the road, and predicting where those objects will move seconds into the future.