Pushing the Self-Driving Frontier: Argo AI Partners with Carnegie Mellon to Form Autonomous Vehicle Research Center

It’s an amazing time for those of us in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. We’re starting to see consumer products and services powered by the capabilities that we and our predecessors spent decades developing and testing in labs across the country. And one of the flagship opportunities enabled by these capabilities — autonomous vehicles — is finally on the horizon with initial commercialization plans in place.

Yet, we need to continue stretching the frontier to truly unlock the potential of autonomous technology by developing the most advanced capabilities that will enable large scale, global deployment. That’s why we’re forming the Carnegie Mellon University Argo AI Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research. To fund the Center, Argo has pledged $15 million over five years to fund a team of five world-renowned faculty leaders and support graduate students conducting research in pursuit of their doctorates, to push the envelope on the next-generation of self-driving technology.

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