• What does Argo AI do?

    Argo AI is building a safe and reliable self-driving system. We are working with leading automotive companies to integrate our self-driving system into their vehicles.

  • What is a “self-driving system”?

    It’s the software, sensors, and computing system that allows self-driving vehicles to safely navigate the world around them.

  • What is your relationship with Ford Motor Company?

    Ford is our initial investor and first customer. Ford’s product development and manufacturing teams bring over 100 years of experience in the automotive industry. Together, we are working hand-in-hand to make sure our self-driving system is fully integrated into Ford’s purpose-built vehicles, planned to begin production in 2021.

  • Is Argo AI part of Ford?

    No, but they are a major investor and Argo’s first customer. Argo AI is an independent self-driving technology company.

  • Will you license or sell your technology to other companies?

    Yes, we are actively seeking partnerships with automakers, mobility service providers and key players in the transportation sector. We place an extremely high importance on finding the right fit.

  • What is something most people wouldn’t know about working at Argo AI?

    We’re an open and honest team on a shared mission to improve transportation for all. Our first generation self-driving system began operating on public roads less than one year after the founding of the company.

  • Where are you currently testing your driverless cars?

    We are currently driving on public roads in Washington, DC; Miami, FL; Pittsburgh, PA; and Metro Detroit, MI.

  • Are you hiring?

    Yes! Please visit our Join Us page to view open positions. If you don’t see any openings that fit your skill set and would like to send us your resume, please reach out to our recruiting team at jobs@argo.ai.

  • I’m a journalist and I’d like to write a piece on Argo AI. How can I get in touch?

    For all media inquiries, please reach out to press@argo.ai.

  • I saw one of your vehicles on the road and would like to share a comment or concern. How can I get in touch?

    We welcome and encourage feedback about how our vehicles are driving in the communities we’re testing in. Please direct all questions and comments to info@argo.ai. We take every comment seriously.

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