Our Mission

Driving is in need of a thoughtful revolution.

Driving is in need of a thoughtful revolution.

Today’s roadways are congested and the cost of car ownership is rising. And while new technologies are improving the driving experience, human errors and choices – such as distracted driving, drunk driving, and speeding – continue to claim lives every day.

Since we began in 2016, we’ve been building self-driving technology to provide a safer, more affordable, convenient, and accessible way for everyone to get around.

1.4 Million

lives were claimed from road injury worldwide in 2016


lives were claimed from road injury in the U.S. in 2016


of fatalities on U.S. roadways are linked to human error

It’s Time for a Change

We believe we can significantly reduce the number of incidents on roads today.

Imagine a future in which…

Underserved urban communities have access to more affordable and easier ways to get around.

The reduced need for parking enables communities to reimagine and reuse space in new ways.

There’s less urban congestion and less stop-and-go traffic.

How are we getting there?

  • A Commitment to the Best in Engineering

    It takes commitment to high-quality, disciplined engineering in order to make this technology available at scale. We’re designing and building an automotive grade self-driving system from the ground up, suitable for commercial operation.

  • Extensive Testing

    Through simulation and real-world testing on closed courses and public roads, we put our technology through the world’s most rigorous driving school every day.

  • Prioritizing Experience

    No one likes a bumpy ride. We’re paying close attention to the experience we deliver by designing a system that is safe and confident. No abrupt stops – unless needed to ensure safety. We drive with the flow of traffic.

Argo at a glance.

  • Nov. 2016 Argo AI formed with 3 employees
  • Feb. 2017 Received $1 billion investment from Ford Motor Company
  • Oct. 2017 Completed first autonomous drive on public roads
  • Oct. 2017 Acquired Princeton Lightwave to improve our LiDAR technology Read More
  • Nov. 2017 Formed university partnerships Read More
  • Feb. 2018 Expanded public road testing into Miami, FL
  • Oct. 2018 Expanded public road testing into Washington, D.C.
  • June 2019 Expanded public road testing into Detroit, MI, and Palo Alto, CA
  • June 2019 Announced a research partnership with Carnegie Mellon University Read More
  • July 2019 Hired our 500th employee!
  • July 2019 Announced a partnership with Volkswagen AG, with a planned investment of $2.6 billion
  • Sep. 2019 Expanded public road testing into Austin, TX

I came to Argo because I saw I had the opportunity to use my skills in a way that has the potential to directly and tangibly change society for the better.

Alice, Software Engineer

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