Our Partners

University Partners

University Partners

To stay at the forefront of advancements in machine learning and computer vision, we’ve partnered with world-class faculty at Carnegie Mellon University and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Meet our staff scientists.

Deva Ramanan

Principal Scientist, Argo AI, and Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Simon Lucey

Principal Scientist, Argo AI, and Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

James Hays

Principal Scientist, Argo AI, and Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

In June 2019, we pledged $15 million over five years to fund the Carnegie Mellon University Argo AI Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research. The Center is staffed by a team of five world-renowned faculty leaders and supports graduate students conducting self-driving technology research. 

In the same month, we released Argoverse, a large public data collection with HD maps, to support academic research into 3D object tracking and motion forecasting. 

Automotive Partners

Automotive Partners

Ford and Volkswagen

We’re working with leading automakers Ford, and soon, Volkswagen to safely bring self-driving cars to city streets. Both automakers are independently integrating Argo’s self-driving system into purpose-built vehicles.


What’s Next For Argo?

We’re actively seeking additional partnerships with automakers that are committed to working hand-in-hand with our team to fully integrate self-driving technology into their vehicles.

We look for a fit that aligns with our mission and values, and the kind of product we’ve set out to make. The real magic comes in working hand-in-hand to build technology that’s safe — and that people trust, enjoy, and look forward to using.

Peter Rander, President

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