What’s the “Argo Way?”

What are we? A technology platform company? Yes. A team of smart people? Sure, but that’s pretty generic; we’re a diverse group that spans dozens of disciplines. Many words can describe us, but none hit the nail on the head. Let’s return to who we are: Individuals driven by strong values to solve complex problems together, the Argo Way.

Our Values

Inside Argo AI, values and ethics play a bigger role than any one of us. Every company has values, but few wear them on their sleeves. At Argo AI, we hire people who naturally bring ’em. What are the values we believe and live by?

Safety is Number One. It’s our way of working each and every day.
We build the future
street-by-street, block-by-block,
going city-to-city.
Honesty and humility
always win over
hubris and headlines.
Respect is everyone’s
Embracing differences delivers
superior results.
If in doubt, find a
way to figure it out.
Solutions are only as good as the
problems they solve.
We > I
History is made by
those who never give up.


People join our team because they’re attracted to the real impact they can make. They’re all here for different reasons — many of them personal. Stop anyone in the office on any given day, and they’ll have an answer.

We <3 driving

We love to drive. Yes, that’s right, we love driving and we’re not afraid to say it. We’re talking about the fun, wind-in-your-hair, twisty mountain-road driving. Not the stuck-in-traffic, late-to-your-next-appointment driving! We’re not on a mission to take away your freedom; we want to add choices that expand your freedom.

Cut the fluff

When we have something to say, it’s because there’s something to say. We don’t toot our own horn, make a big roadshow out of our leadership team, or post on social media every day. We take pride in being pragmatic. Honesty + Transparency = Trust Done Right.

Treat people well

It’s people who make self-driving possible. Naturally, they need the kinds of benefits that would make anyone do a double take.

Competitive compensation packages
High-quality individual and family health, dental, and vision insurance
Employer-matched 401(k) retirement plan
Paid parental leave
Paid medical leave
Unlimited vacation
13 paid, company-wide holidays
Daily lunches, beverages, and snacks — with a variety of healthy options and fresh produce
Pre-tax commuter benefits
Monthly wellness stipend
Computer accessories allowance
Professional development reimbursement
Employer-paid legal benefits
Group critical illness insurance
Employee assistance program
Quarterly team-building stipend
Family ride-alongs in our self-driving test vehicles

When we’re not working, you can find us building vintage model cars, designing cities in Civilization V ®, rock climbing, playing with dogs (and children), automating every possible feature in our homes, brewing craft beer in our closets, or doing any one of the myriad things we talk about on Slack:

































Champions of education

None of us would be here without a solid education. No, we don’t just mean university education. We also mean the kind of education that’s self-taught; the kind that causes you to stay up till 3 a.m. researching everything about a subject on the internet because you can’t. stop. learning. We’ve made it our mission to champion STEM education in every which way we can.

Start young

We give tours, volunteer at speaking events, and set our creative side on display at career fairs. When we’re not doing that, we strike up conversations with student-led nonprofits or donate to high school robotics teams that we wish we could have been part of at that age.

Interns contribute in substantial ways

We provide meaningful, hands-on experiences for our rising stars. Argo interns have done some pretty cool things, we think. Check out our job board every winter/spring for open positions.

Professors, integrated

The bridge between academia and businesses is sometimes missing. Not at Argo AI. There’s so much to gain when we put our heads together. We’ve been lucky enough to partner with Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Tech, and the Technical University of Munich through the three principal scientists on our team.

James Hays, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist, Argo AI, and Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
Deva Ramanan, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist, Argo AI, and Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Portrait of Laura Leal-Taixé Ph. D.
Principal Scientist, Argo AI, and Professor, Technical University of Munich

The next generation

While building a product for today, we can’t forget about the one needed for tomorrow — and the people that will get us there. In June 2019, we pledged $15 million over five years to fund the Carnegie Mellon University — Argo AI Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research. The Center is staffed by five world-renowned faculty leaders and supports CMU graduate students conducting self-driving technology research.

Welcome to the Argoverse

Researchers and students need access to high quality, curated resources — and we’re doing our part to fill the gap. In 2019 we launched Argoverse, the first public data release to include high-definition maps for self-driving technology research. Our maps include geometric and semantic metadata — such as lane connectivity, ground height, and road segmentation — to support new map-aware approaches to motion forecasting and 3D object tracking.

“Take me to your leaders”

Our leadership team leads and then makes way for each collaborator to own their areas of expertise. Above all, they live the Argo Way every day.

Bryan Salesky
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Peter Rander, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and President
Brett Browning, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President of Product Development and Chief Technology Officer
Summer Craze Fowler
Chief Information Officer
Cynthia Kwon
Vice President, Strategy and Business Development
Wesley Ford headshot
Vice President, Systems Engineering
Kate Kozlowski
General Counsel
Reinhard Stolle profile photo
Vice President, Argo Munich

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