The Argo Autonomy Platform

The Argo Autonomy Platform includes the software, hardware, HD maps, and backend support needed to power full-service self-driving operations at scale. Today, our autonomous technology is integrated into two vehicles with custom-built hardware and redundant safety systems.

Ford Escape Hybrid

This hybrid-electric autonomous vehicle is designed for commercial
services in U.S. cities.

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Volkswagen ID. Buzz AD

This all-electric autonomous van is designed for commercial
services in European cities.

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Multiple form factors

Our Autonomy Platform is designed to integrate with multiple vehicle types, offering flexibility to support various applications.

City and highway

Our system is built to drive all miles, from dense city streets, to suburbs and highways, serving multiple business use cases.

How It Works

.01 Map

Roadway Map Illustration

Highly-detailed 3D maps offer safety redundancy and street-level knowledge, like speed limits and the locations of traffic signs.

.02 Sense

Argo AI Sensing Illustration

A suite of lidar, radar, and camera sensors provide a detailed view of the vehicle’s surroundings more than 400 meters in all directions.

.03 Plan

Argo AI Act Illustration

Using sensor data, the Argo Self-Driving System predicts and plans the vehicle’s actions, factoring in the paths of other road users.

.04 Act

Argo AI Plan Illustration

Argo technology directs the engine, braking, and steering so that the vehicle moves safely and naturally, like an experienced local driver.

What the Argo Autonomy Platform can see

How We Test

From the lab to simulated environments, closed courses, and public roads, we continuously test our technology to perform safely and reliably in diverse conditions.

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Argo AI Computer Testing

Argo Lidar

Argo Lidar is our proprietary laser sensor, built specifically for the demands of safe self-driving.

  • More than 400 meter sensing range for safe driving at higher speeds
  • High-resolution imagery for complex city environments
  • Detection of low-reflectivity objects at distance
  • 360-degree rotation for full coverage
Argo AI Lidar Unit On Vehicle

Argo Hub

Commercial operations require technology that extends far beyond the autonomous vehicle itself. Our flexible cloud infrastructure includes dispatch and fleet management systems that can connect to existing operations with speed and efficiency – for deploying ride-hail and delivery services at scale.

Argo Watch Fleet Tracker Screen