Argo AI exists to make getting around cities safe, easy, and enjoyable for all.

More people live in cities now than ever before. Every day, in every city around the world, people and things move – from home to work, stores and markets, and everything in between.

All of that movement can sometimes be challenging. Some neighborhoods lack public transportation options or affordable alternatives. Some modes aren’t accessible to young people or those with disabilities. Some bus routes suffer from traffic congestion. And, let’s face it, sometimes we just want more convenient and comfortable ways to get around.

Outside of the immediate challenges, there are the less apparent ones – the kind that disappear into the folds of everyday life: The ways cars interact with pedestrians, the ways pedestrians interact with bicyclists, and the number of traffic fatalities too many communities around the world accept as normal.

At Argo AI, we don’t accept that kind of normal. If done right, self-driving technology has the potential to help solve these problems and more.

Argo AI is designing self-driving technology to benefit everyone.

The 360-degree awareness of Argo AI’s self-driving technology, and the fact that it never gets distracted or tired, will increase the safety of our streets. The ability to move goods around in a highly coordinated fashion, utilizing vehicles during off-peak hours, will help our cities move more fluidly. Autonomous ride-sharing services, combined with improvements cities are making – such as designated drop-off and pick-up zones, and connected and optimized transportation systems – will help reduce traffic congestion over time.

What self-driving can do is up to all of us.

Self-driving technology has a profound potential to transform the way we live and get around. By working with our partners, local communities and governments, Argo AI will support local transportation needs around the world – to ultimately make getting around cities safe, easy, and enjoyable for all.

What self-driving technology can do for society is up to all of us. This is just the starting point. There remains a lot of work to do.

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