Safety isn’t a dial or a switch — it is the foundation on which our company is built.

Argo AI was founded on the principles underlying safety-critical systems in the aviation, military, maritime, and automotive sectors. Everyone at Argo AI contributes their unique experiences to this shared mindset. That’s because applying time-tested engineering and processes to self-driving isn’t just the right way to do it — it’s the only way to do it.

Safety is our foundational value upon which all others are built. Everything we do — from development and testing to road operations and strategic planning — revolves around the safety of our employees and the communities in which we operate. Our commitment to safety is championed by our leadership, which empowers Argo teams to define robust safety objectives, monitor progress, and promote a positive culture of safety.

Employees are deeply and thoughtfully engaged in all stages of development, testing, and deployment. They are able to take any concerns and questions to their direct supervisors, other Argo managers, members of our Executive Leadership team, or anyone on our People Operations team. We also provide a confidential ethics reporting hotline to all employees, available 24/7.

Our Safety and Security Committee continuously evaluates data and existing controls to identify and implement areas of improvement. And across the company, our Risk Management team conducts scheduled and targeted audits, based on the results of comprehensive risk assessments conducted by our Compliance team.

We promote this culture through training, communications, a safety rewards program, and mandatory compliance with Argo’s Safety Management Plan. With safety as our core value, it’s our way of working each and every day.

Our Safety Report

Our commitment to safety is and must remain the defining feature in our product and operations. From design to testing, to deployment, safety must rise above everything else, as it has since our beginning. Understand how Argo AI puts safety first by viewing our Safety Report.

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