Our commitment
to safety

Argo AI was founded on the principles underlying safety-critical systems in the aviation, military, maritime, and automotive sectors. Everything we do — from development and testing to road operations and strategic planning — revolves around the safety of our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Our Safety Report

Understand how Argo AI puts safety first by
viewing our Safety Report.

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Our guidelines for safe driving around cyclists

View our guidelines to understand how the Argo Self-Driving System is designed to protect vulnerable road users, like cyclists.

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Culture of Safety

Our commitment to safety is championed by our leadership, which empowers Argo teams to define robust safety objectives and monitor their progress, promoting a positive work culture that prioritizes safety first. Employees are deeply and thoughtfully engaged in all stages of development, testing, and deployment. They are able to take any concerns and questions to their direct supervisors, other Argo managers, members of our Global Leadership team, or anyone on our People Operations team. We also provide a confidential ethics reporting hotline to all employees, available 24/7.

At Argo AI, safety is our core value. We promote this culture through training, communications, a safety rewards program, and mandatory compliance with Argo’s Safety Management Plan. It’s our way of working each and every day.

How we test

From the lab to simulated environments, closed courses, and public roads, we continuously test our technology to perform safely and reliably in diverse conditions.

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Argo AI Safety Testing