b'101Ciaran came to Munich to work with Intels Mobile Communications Group, now part of Apple. There, he led the development and delivery of a software-testing infra-structurecapableofsupportinghigh-volumefunctional tests on a global scale. In the space of five years, we built that system from almost nothing, and scaled it up by a fac-tor of 500, capable of reliably running hundreds of thou-sands of tests on flaky prototype hardware every day.The project gave Ciaran valuable experience in fully automated verification at massive scale. It also inspired him to seek out something new yet again: I felt like we had solved the problem. That hunger drew him to au-tonomous driving and a role in Intels Mobileye division. Just one year later, he took another leap: to help build the team developing an autonomy system for Autonomous Intelligent Driving (AID), which would be acquired by Argo in mid-2020. From the timehe was a kid in the historic town ofFinally,afteryearsofexploration(plusswimming, Wexford, on the southeast coast of Ireland, Ciaran hasskiing, and playing guitar in a pub band), Ciaran feels like been restless to see more, do more, and to take on newhes found a home. Ive traveled and worked all over, challenges. he says, but Munich is just the best city to live in. The It was that restless ambition that first got Ciaran intocity is ideal, he notes, not only for attracting engineer-competitiveswimming,earninghimabunchofeliteing talent from all over the world, but also for the life-medals at the national level. Then, as a teenager desper- style. In the summer, he relishes being able to jump into a ate to see more of the world, he jumped at his school ad- freibadone of Munichs numerous open-air swimming visors suggestion of enrolling in a telecommunicationspoolsearly in the morning, or to hop over to the Bavari-engineering course at Dublin City University. an Alps on a winter weekend. You can be on the slopes in That degree led Ciaran to a career in software develop- an hour and a half. My kids and I like to go skiing as often ment and technical program management, which landedas we can, and a few of us from the office sometimes do him jobs based in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany,ski days as well.and the United States. Along the way he led teams in Ban- CoulditbethatlifeinMunichandajobinthe galore, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, London, Mexicoself-driving space has settled Ciarans restlessness? For City, Montreal, New York, Seattle, Tel Aviv, Toulouse, andnow, it seems so. The opportunity to contribute to a of course Munich. In each new role, Ciaran relished thetechnical solution that might reduce pollution and con-opportunity to experience new cultures, sample differentgestion, and have a transformative impact on the quality ways of working, and solve complex problems. of peoples lives, is awesome, he says. If I can play even Infact,iftheresonethingthatCiaranMurphya tiny part in getting to that point as a society, then I find loves more than traveling and living abroad, its a toughthat fantastic.challengeand autonomous driving is the best engi-neering challenge that you could hope to work on right now, he says.As senior engineering manager, Ciaran heads up the team in Munich that builds the applications on which Argo runs its autonomous vehicle test simulations. In the com-panys infinite loop of continuous testing, virtual testing plays a crucial role, and the work done by Ciarans team enables Argo to simulate the performance of its self-driv-ing technology in millions of different scenarios every day.THE GLOBETROTTERFullBook_Mar24.indb 101 4/25/21 6:44 PM'