b'CRUISING THE MAGIC CITY:What Happens in MiamiThe Argo test vehicle took a long andMID BEACHwinding route (denoted by the orangeMiami Operations Manager Santo Castronovo line) during one autonomous missionon some of the strangest things his team around South Beach in the fall of 2020.has seen.15 MILES INWhile we were driving down the road one day in 2018, a black SUV pulled up on the left side of the vehicle. Suddenly, the window of the vehicle rolled down and dollar bills M I A M I CITY CENTER started fl ying out. The passenger was playing to our camera and making it rain on the VENETIAN CAUSEWAY autonomous vehicle! Since Argo has been testing for three years in Miami, some of the locals know us well. Frequently we see pedestrians get in front of the autonomous vehicle and dance in front of the cameras. Im starting to think the locals imagine we are holding auditions for So You Think You Can Dance. As our test specialists approached a stop sign, they noticed a pair of pigeons on a light pole. Without notice, a bolt of lightning struck SOUTH BEACH the pole. One pigeon was able to escape. The other unfortunately fell to its death right in front of TSs eyes. The expression on his face will never be forgotten. One day, when the vehicle was stopped at a red light, a cyclist pulled up next to it and gently put his hand on the driver-side door and didnt move. The driver rolled down his window and asked, Can I help you? Without missing a beat, the cyclist responded, Can SOUTH OF FIFTH the car feel me?One of our test specialists watched as the driver ahead of him slammed on their brakes to rescue a wayward iguana from oncoming cars. They almost caused a pileup behind them, but it was worth it: the iguana was saved.12:39 12:46 12:47 12:57With the test vehicle traveling in the rightThe test vehicle, noticing that the car aheadAt a red traffic light, a bicycle comes up fromThe test vehicle comes upon two delivery lane, it comes upon a truck parallel parking.is maneuvering around a double-parkedbehind the test vehicle and weaves around ittrucks parked in a turn lane facing oncoming The vehicle slides into the left lane to avoidcar, slows to avoid blocking an intersection.to the right. The vehicle slows slightly beforetraffic. The vehicle slows while the system the truck. It then returns to the right lane, allWhile its stopped, the SDS detects aproceeding but does not stop. The car isanalyzes whether the truck is a potential without changing speed or endangering anypedestrian who appears intent on crossing theanalyzing not just whats happening in thisrisk, then proceeds. Three minutes later, other travelers on the road. intersection, even though they dont have amoment, but also in the second or two thatwhile approaching an intersection to make walk signal at that moment. (The SDS makesprecede it, says Strom. That gives it morea right turn, an opposing vehicle makes a this determination based on the pedestrianscontext for where the bicycle is coming fromlate left-turn in front of Argos test vehicle. orientation and prior motion.) Once theand where it intends to go. The SDS mustThe test vehicle slows when it detects the pedestrian has safely reached the other side,consider what course of action to take if thevehicle cutting in, then proceeds through the the test vehicle continues onward. cyclist gets too close, without moving in suchintersection without hesitation.a way that poses a threat to other drivers on the road. Hence the decision to slow slightly without coming to a complete stop. FullBook_Mar24.indb 109 4/25/21 6:44 PM'