b'W W W N N N113 S S S E E Eh.Argo uses this gravel roadk.Going up or coming downn.Pedestrian crosswalksq.Small elevated areas creates.There are few intersectionsu.Route 88 is the test tracks to test how the SDS respondsa hill challenges radar, lidar,with painted lines are locatedrealistic urban environments.in the United States as com- 700-meter long, four-lane on rough road surfaces andand camera performanceat various points around theA car or cyclist can disap- plex as a Washington, D.C.,roadway that enables testing when presented with dustyand creates blind spots. Thistest track, both to simulatepear behind the elevatedtraffic circle, so the test teamat higher speeds, as well as conditions and potholes. 7% incline tests a vehiclesstreet layouts and to provide aberm of this S-shaped curve,built a scaled-down replica ofmaneuvering around on- and sensors field of view. safe place for test associatescreating a potentially complexa busy, two-lane roundaboutoff-ramps. i.This four-lane stretchto cross the road. situation. in the nations capital. Its large mimics a road with versatilel.How will the SDS behavediameter, raised center, andv.A large number of junk s lane conditions, accommo- when its splashed with watero.The test tracks manholer.Teeming with frustratedvariety of entrances simulatecars are strategically parked dating heavy inbound trafficby an oncoming vehicle, orcover hides a steam genera- drivers and pedestrians,what a test vehicle may en- around the track, including in the morning and greaterwhen its sensors are sub- tor, used to simulate fog. parking lots are notorious forcounter on the streets of D.C. along Strickland Ave., where outbound congestion in themerged? This section of thelow-speed collisions. Here,and in Europe, where traffica congested roadway is afternoon.The SDS must betest track can be flooded withp.Test associates haveArgo simulates everythingcircles are commonplace. jammed with cars parked on n able to correctly identify signsup to eight inches of water.complete control over trafficfrom parking disputes andeach side of the road.and road markings and adjustIts also an ideal way to testlight sequencing. It may seemcustomer drop-offs to run- t.In the real world, street p to the appropriate road layout. how sensors respond to lightextreme to make the trafficaway grocery carts. lights arent always where you reflecting off standing water. lights blink all three colorsexpect them to be. Here, a j.This median strip sepa- at the same time, but the SDSpole has been positioned in rating traffic lanes is plantedm. Adjustments to the equip- needs to be able to respondthe middle of the road at the o with a mix of tall grass, trees,ment used in testssuch asto such edge casesanom- end of a long straightaway, and hedges that can concealproxy bikes and mannequins alies that, while rare, do occursituated within a median and crossing pedestrians. are made at the structuredin real life. protected by a collapsible pole. n j test trailer.jrIts a busy day on the streetsfor flooding, fog and rain generators, outside Pittsburgh. A skateboarderemergency vehicles with sirens blar-skids off the sidewalk into cross-traf- ing, and a collection of typical roadh u tfic. A small child chases a ball outinfrastructure, from guardrails to from between parked cars. An un- concrete bollards to street signs.attended grocery cart clatters ontoFor the test associates and test1the asphalt. Nearby, a deer darts intoengineers who make up the Argoaoncoming traffic. test team, its a fun place to work,kEverywhere, there are cameras,but what they do is serious. The sensors, and engineers monitoringtask is to assess the performancenthe mayhembut this is no mov- of the Argo SDS in situations that ie set. Located a short drive fromit mayand undoubtedly will mMcFly Ave.downtown Pittsburgh, this townencounter out on the road. To do is actually a top-secret test trackthis, the test vehicles face a host ofmoperated by Argo AI. Here, on a sitestructured tests featuring challengesgonce dedicated to manufacturingand surprises, including pedestrianftelevisions and cars, Argo tests itsand animal mannequins, and proxyl cself-driving system (SDS), safe incyclists and skateboarders, which the the knowledge that these lifeliketest team builds in house using foam, scenarios pose no genuine risk. (Theremote-controlled trolleys, and plen- Where aoaforementioned skaters, kids, andty of creativity.b ideer are all proxiesmannequins,The test team also tests new re- Self-Driving essentially, that help Argos SDS tolease candidate software code onceCar Goesvlearn and improve.) Its also whereits been through the developmenteall prospective Argo test specialistsphase and simulation testing, beforeto Schoolspend two weeks of their intensiveit gets rolled out to the test fleet in test-driver training program. cities across the nation. Any faultsa.This tree-lined area, raisedc.When an Argo test vehiclee.Construction zones present The first Argo test vehiclesor unwanted behavior in the SDS arein the center, restricts visi- approaches these parkinga particular challenge for rolled onto the test track at thesent back to the appropriate soft- bility and creates a typicalspots, a sensor activatesself-driving technology;Lorraine St.start of 2018. Following a majorware team for attention, and aftersuburban intersection. a parked cars rear lights,here, a deliberately difficult investment, Argo opened a new sec- passing simulation testing, the codeindicating that it may be aboutsection of road marked with tion of track in September 2020, in- makes its way back into vehicles onb.A truss bridge performs ato reverse out of the bay intocones and signs is periodical-number of functions: vehiclesthe road. ly rearranged to present test creasing the site from 20 to 50 acresthe test track. approaching the truss bridgevehicles with new challenges.and adding a host of new features.Closed-course testing is just onefrom one side see a pedestri- d.Parked cars line the side of The track now boasts 10 miles ofin a series of rigorous stages in thean traffic light crossing, whilethe road here, including onef.Navigating a five-way inter-driveable streets, which take theirArgo test cycle (see page 104 forvehicles approaching from thewith a fake foam door, whichsection is already demanding,Whether engaged with auton-names from the Back to the Futuremore), most of which occur behindother side see flashing lightssprings open into the path ofbut the addition of bike lanesd omy testing or driver training, movies (McFly Avenue, Lorrainethe scenes. But Argo wont put testto indicate a school zone. Thea test vehicle. here creates a uniquely chal- between 10 and 15 cars are Street, DeLorean Road).vehicles out on public roads untilbridge is also equipped withlenging situation for the SDS. typically operational on the test The private test track includesthey have been thoroughly studiedsprays to simulate rain. track on any given day, although chaotic traffic circles and misfiringat the test track. And the testingg.Not everything is diabolical:more may be brought in to cre-here, a long, straight roadate specific scenarios, such as a traffic lights, tight bends with re- options, as you can see from the mapwith bike lanes suggests atraffic jam or heavy congestion.duced visibility, a roadway designedat right, are practically limitless. typical urban street scene. tE. Delorean Rd.FullBook_Mar24.indb 112 4/25/21 6:44 PMFullBook_Mar24.indb 113 4/25/21 6:44 PM'