b'WHAT WE MEAN WHEN WE SAY STREET-BY-STREET, BLOCK-BY-BLOCKAt Argo, we deplore hype. We dont make empty promises. Instead, our approach to developing and deploying self-driving technology is defined by a simple ethos: we build the future pragmatically, going street-by-street, block-by-block. While self-driving may be a revolution, it is not a race. It will take time, determination, and an authentic connection to each community to truly bring the revolution to life. As the great coach John Wooden used to say, Be quick, but dont hurry. Our goal is to relentlessly (but not recklessly) build self-driving vehicles that are safe, provide a compelling experience, and are accepted by society. To do this, we cant bullrush cities with test vehicles. We must obey the law, seek out allies, and be good neighbors. We must be methodical about how we test, where we operate, and when we deploy our product. This is why we are so precise in creating whats called the operating design domainthe area where our self-driving vehicles will operate safelyin the cities where we test. We have to establish parameters that determine where, when, and in what weather conditions we can drive. This, in part, is why we test in the winter in Detroit and in the summer in Austin. We need to be sure that our vehicles can handle every environmental extreme theyll face in the real world.Before we can scale into new citiesand from there into new countrieswe have to test our technologys mettle. Developing a safe and reliable self-driving system starts with understanding the realities of the hardware and software used to design the vehicles. Were developing an SAE Level 4-capable self-driving systema system capable of operating without human intervention. To deploy in a wide array of cities, we must teach our self-driving-system all the vagaries of driving in unique and challenging places. We need to log countless hours to understand local driving cultures and rules of the road (both regulated and unwritten). And we need to engage with local officials to build two-way streets of collaboration and trust. These understandings will help us focus and create opportunities to go to market with great partners like Ford and Volkswagen. They, like us, have a healthy respect for the technology were creating, not to mention a long-standing commitment to safety, and a deep understanding that being first isnt as important as being best. Thats what street by street, block by block is all about.FullBook_Mar24.indb 10 4/25/21 6:41 PM'