b'THE PARADOX OF THE PITTSBURGH LEFTHow cities unique di erences make a self-driving system smarter.Cities are as diff erentas the people who drive in them. Each has quirks. All have lessons to teach the Argo self-driving system (SDS). In Miami, its drivers tenden-cy to turn on a dime and take illegal U-turns. In Austin, its the too-narrow lanesor the lack of lanes at all. And in Argos home city, its the notorious Pittsburgh left. For self-driving vehicles, these local driving peculiari-tiesas well as diff erences in climate, infrastructure, and geographyare an invaluable asset. They off er a diversity of data from which engineers and computers work in tan-dem to generate countless scenarios for the SDS to adapt to. Every new understanding helps a self-driving vehi-cle forecast actions and correctly respond to them. The stranger the encounter, the smarter the system becomes. Heres a closer look at what makes each of Argos six test cities unique.FullBook_Mar24.indb 136 4/25/21 6:45 PM'