b'143H O W W E D O T H I S R I G H TSelf-driving is not just a technical challengeits a trust-building one as well. By DR. PETER RANDERPresident, Argo AIWhen I think aboutthe future of Argo AI, and of the self-driving in- deliveries would be made by self-driving vehicles. The delivery was dustry in general, I always come back to a single word: trust. If we want ourjust one of hundreds made by our test vehicles as part of an eight-week technology to make a positive impact on society, we have to earn the trustpilotprogramlaunchedinlate2020toaddressCOVID-19-relatedof millions of people. Without it, we cant make peoples lives better or theirfood insecurity. cities safer. This reality came to mind when I heard a story last fall about aElobie is a Miami native, and she had recently seen some of Argos woman who had an unexpected interaction with our vehicles in Miami. test vehicles rolling around her city. But just spotting our cars didnt In November, Elobie James and her three children were at home inmean she understood their intent. Her 10-year-old son had asked what Little Havana, Miami, when an Argo self-driving test vehicle pulled upshe thought the cars were doing. Taking pictures? Mapping the roads? to the curb outside their apartment building. One of our test specialistsShe admits that she had been skeptical about them and didnt see how reached into the backseat, grabbed a grocery bag, and carried it into thethey would ever touch her life. But now, for the first time, she had a buildings lobby. Two minutes later, the vehicle autonomously pulledclearer answer and a way to understand one of the potential benefits of away from the curb, and Elobie came downstairs to collect the bag. In- self-driving: safe, reliable contactless delivery.side were heads of fresh greens and a bundle of lemongrass that sheFor Argo, this pilot program reinforces our founding purpose: serving would use in the brine for her Thanksgiving turkey. and strengthening the communities in which we operate. But its nota-Elobie had signed up to receive weekly deliveries of fresh produceble in another way as well, as its helping Argo to build trust among the from Food Forest for Schools, a nutrition program sponsored by thepeople who ultimately will be most served by our technology: residents not-for-profit Education Fund. But Elobie hadnt realized that theseof big, complex, and diverse cities. FullBook_Mar24.indb 143 4/25/21 6:45 PM'