b'144As part of a two-month pilot WhenBryanandI foundedArgoAI,webeganproject in late 2020, Argo with the belief that self-driving technology needed to betest vehicles autonomously a boon for society. Sure, the sci-fi movie possibilities ofdelivered fresh produce from schoolyard gardens to public self-driving were fascinating for us to dream about. Butschool families in Miami.if self-driving didnt solve peoples problemsimproving howcitiesfunctioned,reducingcongestion,increasing mobility, and ultimately saving both human life and prop-ertythen what was the point?After four-plus years of product development, Argo is beginning to answer that question; families like Elobies are the point. Anytime we safely deliver food to some-ones home, or even safely drive alongside them on the road, were demonstrating our ability to operate respon-sibly. Multiply this trip by the many thousands that our test vehicles have made in cities, and you begin to under-stand how much groundwork has already been laid.As the father of two daughters, both of whom I taught to drive, I liken this stage of our product development to issuing learner permits for new drivers. We as a society have decided that teenagers should be allowed to operate vehicles under strict parameters and under the supervi-sion of an experienced driver. We are willing to dedicate precious time and resources to train the next generation of drivers. But its worth the effort, because we need our teenagers to get the on-the-road experience necessary forwith which they encounter unexpected situations, and them to confidently handle everything the real world willimproving the safety of all road users. They are becom-throw at them.ing experienced drivers, just as our teenagers eventually So, too, are cities placing trust in the developers ofbecome. self-driving technology. In turn, we have been given theIt is only natural that people will maintain some level opportunity to test our vehicles on their streets. Weof skepticism about self-driving. Even as our vehicles be-cherish this opportunity. As our test vehicles spend morecome more ubiquitous on city roads, we will need to work and more time on the road in autonomous mode, theyhard to explain their potential to improve peoples lives. are accruing life experiences, narrowing the frequencyIts our job to reach out to community groups and advo-cacy organizations, to deeply immerse ourselves in every city where we operate in order to build trust in, and form deep and lasting bonds with residents. Its why we engage withcommunityorganizations,governmentagencies, regulators, and advocacy groups to hear their concerns and answer their questions. Its why we seek to educate people about our technology, to listen to their concerns, and to implement changes that will improve safety. Thisishowwereachourdestination:byearning trust in the community, by never faltering in our com-mitment to safety, and by improving peoples lives how-ever we can. FullBook_Mar24.indb 144 4/25/21 6:45 PM'