b'12Safety is Number One. Its our way of working each and every day.COREWe build the future street-by-street, block-by-block, going O city-to-city. Respect E is everyones It would be accurate to describe Argo as a self-drivingR Honestyresponsibility.technology company made up of a collection of smartR and humility O always win and talented people. But that doesnt fully capture whatover hubris andLmakes Argo Argo. The companys values are what tru- headlines. Aly define the culture. In fact, the nine values presented here play a bigger role than any one individual, product, or partnership could. They factor into every decision Aincluding hiring, product development, partnerships, and policythat Argo makes as a company.C1-2_CoreValues-F.indd 12 12 V 4/25/21 6:55 PM'