b'24Previous spread: Viorel Negoita, head of the mechanical optical system team, works at an alignment station attaching a laser receiver to the optical assembly for Argo Lidar. Left: In the clean room of Argos electrical engineering and optics lab in Cranbury, New Jersey, test engineer Junfu Chen holds one of the packages for Argo Lidars focal plane array, the optical engine of the systems laser re-ceiver. Since the chips mounted in the array will generate heat, the gold works as a cooling element. Right: The guts of an Argo test vehicle laid bare on a test bench in Argos garage in Dearborn, Michi-gan. Stripped of its metallic shell, engineers can test various elements of their software and hardware interacting with the vehicle, learning and adjusting as they go.FullBook_Mar24.indb 24 4/25/21 6:41 PM'