b'37G E N E R A T I O N N E X TArgos new self-driving system gets more rugged, more powerful, and more ready for launch.By DR. BRETT BROWNING Executive Vice President of Product Development and Chief Technology OfficerSafe and reliable:those are the watchwords for everything we dothe way to commercial deployment. And its comprised of product in-at Argo. We are committed to building a self-driving system that, abovetent components, which have the functional performance we need, can all else, makes the roads safer for everyone who uses them. But werebe manufactured affordably, and offer automotive-grade reliability and also dedicated to making self-driving work as a business.durability. As such, every sensor, circuit board, and wire harness that goes intoOur new SDS leverages customized components, including high-res-our partners autonomous vehicles needs to be manufacturable at scale.olution cameras, lidar, radar, microphones, and inertial sensors, that They need to be cost-effective. And they need to be automotive grade meet rigorous industry safety standards. This is important for a few rea-meaning they perform consistently at all times of day and in a wide rangesons. First, it positions Argo to work with our partners at Ford and Volk-of weather conditionsfrom the salty humidity of Miami to the icy coldswagen to transition into the validation stage to ensure all components of Detroit.work together in advance of production. Second, we believe it establish-The launch of our fourth-generation self-driving system (SDS) ones Argo as the first self-driving technology company to develop automo-our fleet of Ford Escape Hybrid self-driving test vehicles represents ative-grade componentshardware built to withstand extreme thermal milestone on this phased journey to safe autonomous driving. It posi- conditions and maintain structural integritythat can be manufactured tions us squarely in the productization stage of development, well onin significant quantities.FullBook_Mar24.indb 37 4/25/21 6:42 PM'