b'CONTENTSABOUT THE COVER:The cameras on self-driving vehicles are similar to the cameras on a smartphonealbeit far more powerful. They allow the technology to see color, contrast, and texture in the world around it. In the photo filter on the cover, you can see what happens when human annotators separateor segmentthe objects in the scene. Segmenting allows developers to train the Argo self-driving system to understand what each object is, so that it can then predict their next action and plan its own. Art credits: Photography by Jared Wickerham,Justin Merriman, Jim Fets, Jason Keen, Mark Hartman,Christie Hemm Klok, Matthew Johnson, Ryan Donnell,Craig Denis, and Kay Blaschke. Archival / additional photography provided by Ford Motor Company,Getty Images, Alamy Stock Photo, Chuck Thorpe,Takeo Kanade, King Rose Archives / GIW Photos,and HRL Laboratories, LLC.FullBook_Mar24.indb 2 4/25/21 6:41 PM'