b'59status as a global powerhouse. As she navigated complex legal systems, different cultural norms, and big person-alities, she learned that the best negotiation tactic is to convince all parties that youre on the same team. Ive found that people are very willing to do things when its good for them, she explains. Finding a win-win is super important.To find balance in her jet-setting lifestyle, Kate also deepened her roots back in Michigan. In 2011, she set-tled down on her husbands family farm a few hours north of Detroit. That, she says, is where she does the things that ground mehunting and fishing, growing vegetables, operating a tractor, and caring for a cadre of sheep, chickens, and cows.Growing upin a tranquil, close-knit community inFor a brief period, she even considered giving up her Dearborn, Michigan, Argos top lawyer, Kate Kozlowski,corporate career to open a farm-to-table restaurant in her always dreamed of going to faraway places. But for somesmall town. She was on the verge of acting on the idea time, life had other plans. She married her high schoolwhen she met Argos Cynthia Kwon for lunch in 2017. sweetheart John, had her first child, and before she knewWhen Cynthia heard Kates exit plan, she shook her head it, she had barely any time or money to go anywhere. and said, No, you cant do that.That would all change when a new offer reignited herNot long after, she agreed to join Argo as the com-childhood dream. After graduating from law school withpanysgeneralcounsel.Havingbrokeredthedealthat honors, Kate took a legal position in Ford Motor Com- brought together Ford and Argo the year before, she re-panys International Trade & Transactions Group. Hermembered the immediate connection shed felt with grandfather, father, and brother had all passed throughthe executive team. But more than anything, her decision Fords doors during their careers, and she was thrilled toto join Argo was fueled by her lifelong sense of adventure. continue the family tradition. Self-driving is a new frontier, she says. InsteadAs an eager young lawyer, Kate was always asking forofconqueringnewmarkets,wereconqueringnew extra assignments, so her bosses gave her the challengetechnology.of trying to sell Fords manufacturing facility in Egypt, a deal that had already fallen through half a dozen times. Three months later, she says, laughing, I was on a plane to Cairo to close the sale. Before long, her whole job involved going to faraway placesfrom China to Russia to Brazilforging part-nerships and market access that would reinforce Fords THE COUNSELORFullBook_Mar24.indb 59 4/25/21 6:42 PM'