b'60THETEACHERSanto Castronovo OPERATIONS MANAGER, MIAMISanto started drivingin Brooklyn, a first-gener-ation American delivering FedEx packages across the five boroughs by day and bridging the cultural divide to Sicily for his parents by night. A couple of decades later, he taught his four daughters what hed learned: All Good Kids Love Milk. (Aim high in steering. Get the big pic-ture. Keep your eyes moving. Leave yourself an out. Make sure they see you.) Now hes sharing these lessons to the dozens of Miami employees operating one of Argos larg-est self-driving fleets. We tell our test specialists that their heads need to be on swivel all day, Santo says, list-ing all the noncompliant actions they might see in a sin-gleday:Lanesplitting.Followingtooclosely.People driving through reds. They blow through stop signs. Any-where but Miami it would be crazy to witness, but hereSonal Onkar its just normal. And its why were here. The more our vehicles see, the more they understand. To his secondTECHNICAL PROGRAM MANAGER, DEARBORNBackground mural artwork courtesy of Cushy Crew - hoxxoh | ABSTRK | Quake | Jessy Nite | Suarez | Pucho | 5gallons.familyhistestspecialistsSantopreachespatience, humility, and joy. Until we solve autonomy, being safe is being smart. As a mechanical engineeringundergraduate in her native Pune, India, Sonal was one of just four wom-en in her class. At the University of Michigan, Dearborn, she was the only woman in her masters program. In her first two jobs out of college, she was the only female engi-neer. Ive spent my entire career in environments that were so male dominated, its taken a lot of effort just to be heard, she says. After a stint leading engineering teams at Apple, Sonal and her family returned to Michigan be-cause she saw an opportunity to contributeand to be appreciated for those contributionsin an entirely new way. I gravitated to Argo because I saw a leader who was clear about where he wanted to go, she says. It doesnt hurt that Argo champions a culture that celebrates differ-encesofgender,sexuality,andethnicity.Workingat Argo is different, she says. People care about me as a whole person, not just a cog in a wheel.THE TRAILBLAZERProfiles_4up-F.indd 60 4/25/21 6:58 PM'