b'THEADVENTURERSummer Fowler CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER, PITTSBURGHChiefinformationofficers tendtoberisk averse. Thats why its so surprising when Summer, Argo AIs CIO since late 2018, reveals a secret passion: jumping out of planes. I absolutely embrace risk, Summer says, but I believe it is my role to identify and manage risks, so that were able to continue to operate despite any disrup-tive events that may occur. Summer honed her cyberse-curity expertise over a decade working at Carnegie Mel-lon University. However, when a role came up at Argo, Summer jumped at the chance, excited by the difference in pace between academia and a tech startup. When shesRandall Nortman not working, Summer enjoys less risky adventuring with her three kids, ages 10 to 13. Together they have done theSENIOR STAFF ENGINEER, PITTSBURGHSydney Harbor Bridge Climb, caved in the Ozarks, and Background mural artwork courtesy of Cushy Crew - hoxxoh | ABSTRK | Quake | Jessy Nite | Suarez | Pucho | 5gallons.climbed Mt. Fuji. And once theyre old enough, she plans to skydive with them too. An expert coffee roaster,breadmaker, and ze-ro-energy house designer, the talented Mr. Nortman is known for something else at Argo: he codes exclusively from a treadmill desk. On a good day, I get in 15 miles, he laughs. Calling himself a virtual plumber, its Ran-dalls job to make sure that the endless amount of infor-mationthattheArgoSDScollectspassessmoothly through the cars data-infrastructure system.He was at-tracted to Argo in part because of the positive impact that this technology might have on the environment. Routes couldbemademoreefficient,emissionscouldbere-duced, and innovative car-sharing models could cut down on congestion. Nothing Ive done previously compares to the never-ending, rapid-fire, hard-problem-after-hard-problem nature of this work, he says. Hence the mara-thon days on the treadmill. I go through shoes pretty quickly, he notes.THEWORKHORSEProfiles_4up-F.indd 61 4/25/21 6:58 PM'