b'71Imageprocessingandcomputervision,ashesaw them, would allow him to keep playing in the world of visual arts. After undergrad, Deva got his PhD at Berkeley, then followed his father and grandfather into academia, eventually landing a job as a professor at Carnegie Mel-lon Universitys Robotics Institute.His research involved training visual recognition models to identify people by distinguishing different body parts and comparing them Devastillremembers themenandwomenagainst a trove of human and nonhuman models.clothed in white lab coats. He was a 10-year-old visitingTwo years after starting his job at CMU, Deva was hisfather,aprofessorontheUniversityofRochesterapproached by Argo CTO Brett Browning with a prop-campus. Father and son passed by the microfabricationosition: how would Deva feel about leading a new part-lab on the way to the elder Ramanans office when Devanership between Argo and CMU. He would get to keep spottedtheresearchershuddledoveratablecoveredhis post as a teacher and adviser at the university, while with a tangle of wires and motherboards. Theyre de- also applying his departments visual-recognition and signing circuits, his father told him. Until that moment,machine-learning research to the field of autonomous engineering had felt like an abstract concept. This wasdriving. the first time Deva connected it to building real, tangibleToday, more than two years into CMUs partnership things. He thought to himself, Thats so cool!with Argo, Deva personifies Argos effort to bridge aca-Growing up as the son and grandson of professorsdemia and industry. The postdoctoral researchers he ad-and teachers, it seemed almost predestined that Devavises have published papers (see page 94 for more) in the would follow in their footsteps. And Deva did love hisfields of smart sensor fusion, 3D scene understanding, fathers lab, and solving complex engineering problems.urban scene simulation, map-based perception, imitation But he also gravitated toward the arts. When he wasntand reinforcement learning, and behavioral prediction. marveling at the microfab creations on campus, he wasWhen hes not in the classroom or Argos headquarters in drawing rough sketches of his favorite superheros, mar- Pittsburgh, Deva makes time to revisit his creative roots, veling at his own creations in colored pencil, simple asteaching his two children how to use their colored pen-they may be. cils, nearly identical to the ones he used for his earliest In high school, between AP chemistry and physics,childhood sketches.Deva enrolled in a college-level arts course to hone his craft. When it came time to apply to university, he felt torn between what seemed to be the two poles of his per-sonality: science and creativity. He looked at schools that excelled in the arts and in engineering, ultimately enroll-ing in an engineering program with a focus on digital im-age processing at the University of Delaware.THE PROFESSOR 4/25/21 6:42 PMFullBook_Mar24.indb 71'