b'77WHAT A S E N S O R S E E SLooking at the world (or at least one intersection in Miami) through the eyes of a self-driving car.The human eye is a marvel capable of detecting particles ofvehicles sensors is incredibly complex: 2D images, coordinates in space, light as far as 2.6 million light years away (hello, Andromeda Galaxy!).and many, many numbers. While a self-driving system can process an im-But even this evolutionarily advanced organ cant compete with an au- mense amount of sensor data at once, it can be difficult for the software tonomous vehicle. Our eyes cant see in 360 degrees. They cant keepengineers working on the system to make sense of all of it. They need to track of hundreds of objects at once. And they cant calculate an objectscreate tools that allow them to input data and produce visual outputs. velocity and trajectory with absolute precision.On these pages, a single moment in timean Argo test vehicle mak-For that, you need what a self-driving vehicle hasnamely, 30 indi- ing a left-hand turn in an intersection in Midtown Miamiis captured vidual sensors taking in gigabytes of information about the world aroundby a plethora of onboard sensors. In the level of detail they observe and it, every second. All of this data is fused together to create a three-di- the volume of data that they convey, these visualizations underscore mensional model of the world, allowing the vehicles brain to perceivehow computer vision plays such a vital role in enabling safe and predict-whats going on and decide how to act next. Simple, right? able driving. And it all happens in one tenth of a seconda literal blink Not at all. In its raw format, the information streaming in from theof an eye.FullBook_Mar24.indb 77 4/25/21 6:43 PM'