Dr. Mitchell Garber

Senior Managing Consultant at ESi

Former Medical Officer for the National Transportation Safety Board

Dr. Mitchell Garber is a physician and engineer with over 30 years of military and civilian experience in transportation accident investigation. He was the first and only full-time Medical Officer for the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), participated in well over 1000 investigations involving ground, air, and marine transportation, and has presented testimony to Congress regarding medical issues in transportation accidents. His expertise includes the evaluation of pathology, toxicology, human performance, and biomechanics in accident investigation. Dr. Garber also has experience in the optimization of ergonomics for customized office and industrial workstations. 

As a consultant at ESi, Dr. Garber specializes in analyzing medical and human factors that are critical to operator performance and transportation safety, including physical standards, fatigue, perception, medication use, visual impairment, cognitive impairment, obstructive sleep apnea, substance dependence, injury analysis, egress and evacuation concerns, ergonomics, and the effects of pre-existing disease on driver performance. His work in aviation also includes investigations of hypoxia, spatial disorientation, and visual and vestibular illusions. Dr. Garber has held his private pilot certification since 1996.